inspiration from the nature .... cork tree

The natural way for wall and facade design: CorkBarkPanel
The CorkBarkPanel, a 100% Green product, comes on a cork support and is suitable for interior and outside walls or ceilings.  The CorkBarkPanel, robust but also flexible, is sound absorbing, isolates from cold and heat and is resistant to the humidity. 

The CorkBarkPanel has a dimension of 35.4 x 23.6 inches and a thickness around 0.8 inches with weight of only 6 lb.  The CorkBarkPanel does not need any special arrangement and can be directly installed on any kind of surface. On customer request we can put a different paint - such as gold or silver - on the surface, so that an amazing coloring game appear. 

Make your house eco-friendly, the CorkBarkPanel give your rooms a warm, natural and unique aspect.