IVORYDream is a vegetable ivory for those who love the environment. It is obtained from the seed of an Amazon palm tree called Tagua, a real eco-friendly mosaic.

The seed is harvested by hand every year without causing damage to the vegetation; it is cut and supplied on net and is suitable for floors, coverings and curved surfaces. IVORYDream is nature's answer to every need: thin as a resin, light as the wood and strong as a stone and it can be backlit.  

It is on net with the size of 11.8" x 11.8" and has a thickness of 2.3".  Available in two colors: the raw ivory seed color or toasted to a warm tan with leather-like nuances - color obtained simply by toasting the seed. Due to the incredible light weight, 1 square foot has a weight lesser the 1.8 lb., it is even possible to install it on thin or difficult walls.
IVORYDream save the Amazon Rainforest: 21.50 sq. ft. save 10.75 sq. ft. of the Amazon Rainforest.