JungleWall - collected and then stabilized plants that are used for zero maintenance interior green walls. It is a great alternative to the complicated vertical gardens as the JungleWall panels are much more easier to install and more cost effective.

Produced in modular panels for green walls, JungleWall is the art of assembling stabilized wild essences and foliage, carefully crafted by our artists on a moss carpet. JungleWall is a plants island, consisting of flat moss, cushion (white) moss, ivy, ferns, leaves and various roots, it can be designed flat (2D) or hilly (3D).  

The plants are cleaned before processing and preserved using a special procedure, colored using food colors. They don’t need any light or any maintenance and are therefore ideally suited for the interior decoration of homes and commercial spaces. The stabilized plants are 100% natural and environmentally friendly.

Each wall is the result of natural inspiration and unique feelings, you can create a healthy environment which soothes our nerves, sharpens our senses, promotes our concentration and improves significantly the acoustic.