The Moss Collection is realized using a stabilized lichen, ready to be installed on your wall - a true innovation for indoor gardens! 

MossTile provides through its various functions for a feel-good atmosphere and brings a piece of nature in your home without having any kind of maintenance. It can live thanks the humidity (min. 35%) of the environment therefore it do not need any watering or pruning after the installation, it is essentially maintenance-free. It does not need any natural light but never expose to direct sunlight or heat sources for a long time. It does not need any special arrangement and it can be directly installed on any kind of surface; it is placed on ready to lay base (mdf or eva), so it is easy to fix with 4 screws on the wall or you can use a wooden glue or a staple gun. 

The MossTile is noise absorbing (up to 90%), not toxic and with no bacterial culture; it does not generate any exchange of substances in the environment and does not absorb or emit anything. The MossTile is designed and preserved for a long-term use, available in the size 15.7" x 23.6" in 12 colors. On request we can provide also special sizes, circular shapes, letters or numbers and much more.

make your home GREEN!