Before installation: Check that the foundation is flat, dry, stabilized and solid. The surface must not be painted, whitewashed, friable or powdery. Foundation moisture level must not be higher that 2.5%. In case of residual moisture or powdery foundations it is necessary to use a primer (such as Mapei Eco Prim PU IK). 

Installation: To install IvoryDream it is necessary to use a two-part epoxy adhesive, preferably in a light color (for example Litokol Starlike or Mapei Keralastic white). Avoid any water-based cement and/ or latex adhesives. Apply the adhesive using a 2.5 mm toothed spatula, following the m manufacturer’s instructions.  If required, mosaic pieces can be taken out and replaced one by one in order to follow special shapes. To complete the perimeter, just cut the mosaic pieces using pincers. Raw cuts have to be placed in perimetrical areas (non-walk able areas). After installation it is advisable to beat the surface with a rubber trowel. Let dry according to adhesive instructions.

It is advisable to use Litokol Starlike: easy to apply and to clean and with good aesthetic quality results (as an alternative Mapei Kerapoxy). Proceed with filling using a rubber trowel in order not to scratch surface. Follow the manufacturer's instructions, cleaning the surface carefully. Wait for the filling to dry, according to manufacture's instructions. We suggest, after once lay it, wait 3 days so the glue can well taken and then put a transparent sealer such Mapecoat I 620 W or similar.

For routine floor cleaning, use a damp pad with water and a neutral ph detergent. Do not use steel wool or other harmful abrasive pads that could scratch the surface. After installation, IvoryDream tends to turn into a warmer color due to the sun rays. This change tends to occur only during the first three-month and then take its final product appearance. 

Avoid storage and installation of IvoryDream in very moist areas and/ or in environments with temperatures lower than 10º C. Pallets are not stackable.