• Available size: 15.7"x 23.6”  - on request we can customize special sizes (letters, circles, numbers and much more)
  • Support: on 0.15" MDF or EVA
  • Packaging: 8 pieces in the box on pallet with edge protection - natural recycled carton
  • Stabilizing substance: 100% eco-friendly and biodegradable
  • Colors: 12 colors available, the natural color is Cream all other colors obtained with food color
  • Description: The Moss is a natural lichen tile for interior use only. The lichen is collected without any damage to vegetation and then, after an accurate selection, applied by hand on its support. Shades are a characteristic of the product and are to be considered as a quality feature and guarantee of its natural origin. The slight aroma of undergrowth is typical. As for any natural product, a slight tone variation in the course of time is to be considered as normal. The MossTile has been expressly studied to obtain visually homogeneous green walls by laying several tiles together. The MossTile doesn’t need any preparation before installation, it doesn’t need to be watered nor pruned and it doesn’t need sunlight. In order to preserve it, it is necessary to keep a minimum 35% humidity rate in the room. In case moisture decreases under this level, it is necessary to reestablish it as soon as possible spraying a little bit lime–free water on the moss. In dry situation, it is recommended not to touch the lichen because it tends to become fragile. When moisture rate is re-established, the lichen gets back to its original softness.
    Do not expose the MossTile to direct sunlight or heat sources.
    The MossTile doesn’t need any maintenance after installation.
    The MossTile can be easily and quickly installed using fixing screws or wooden glue.
    The MossTile can be easily cut using a simple a saw.
    The MossTile is up to 90% noise absorbing.
    The MossTile is purely decorative and it does not interact with the surrounding environment at all.
    The MossTile is antistatic.
  • Environmental impact: MossTile is a product obtained with natural materials, which respect the environment. The lichen is picked up from the government properties, given as concession for this type of work, under state control. The pick up is done under direct supervision of qualified personnel, experts in landscape safeguard; it is made whith greatest care and leaves no visible sign on the territory. The pick up helps to maintain clean and controlled the undergrowth of this areas.
    The stabilization process is not harmful to the environment because the used components are not
  • Laying & cutting instructions:  Screws: Make your wall cool in few and easy steps!  Prepare the necessary and choose the screws and dowels suitable to the wall that you wish to cover. Check the sizes and mark the guidelines. Make 4 holes at the corners of the MossTile, about 1.96” - 3.93” from the edge. Place the first piece and mark the holes on the wall. Drill the holes at the marked points and insert the dowels. Place the MossTile and fix with the screws at the dowels. The screws will be hidden by lichen. Repeat the same operation with all the tiles. Put them without leaving empty spaces. We suggest to lay the MossTile horizontally starting from the bottom. Glue: In case you should prefer to glue MossTile, we suggest to use a quick-setting glue with high isotropic value. Make sure not to dirty MossTile with the glue. Avoid to install the MossTile directly to the ground but leaving a minimum space for easy cleaning. Cutting: MossTile can be easily cut. Make this operation on the back of the tile. After marking the cut, arrange for it using a disc with no water and avoiding to press the Moss to much. The cut can also be done with a tough cutter or traditional with a saw. Put the cut edge on the less visible corner.